Welcome to Lovely Scribbles! While my official website is currently under construction (and looking great so far, thanks to my brilliant husband Ron), I wanted to share a sneak peak of some of my writing styles. I have a passion for bringing beauty to special events through my skillful writing hand, and, although, my style is all my own in that it is a modern calligraphy style, I hope you will enjoy it just the same.

Please Note: I no longer offer calligraphy services.

After years of addressing wedding invitations, placecards and mindless scribbling, my very talented, wedding-savvy sister-in-law Jenna (check out her fabulous blog Eat Drink Pretty), not only had me personally address all of her beautiful wedding invitations and placecards, but she also encouraged me to offer my writing service to others, and so, after much encouragement and inspiration, here I am.

I invite you to preview my writing samples. Although, I can embellish my writing style for purposes of signage and upon request, I currently offer my Eclectic Cursive Style and Chloe Style in penmanship. Pricing is listed here; however, for additional inquiries and comments, please feel free to email me at lovelyscribbles@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!


Photos courtesy of Serendipity Photo and Design

and Sewell Photography


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