Little Bird Baby Shower Decor

Oh my, do I have a nifty little project for you, gang!  So…my sis-in-law Katie was planning a baby shower for her best friend and she wanted a little bird theme.  She asked me if I had any ideas.  I said, “Why, of course!” and before I knew it, yet another project was upon me.  This project was super fun, oh yes, SUPER fun!  I had the chance to try a few new ideas and test my creativity, and this is what I came up with…

Little Bird “BABY” Banner

Cupcake Toppers


Little Embellishments

My mess (late at night)

Now Katie…well, she had so many fabulous ideas for this shower, and she did such an amazing job creating so many other fun details that I had to share her work with you. Here’s a little snapshot of all the details she put into this adorable shower:

*Double click to enlarge.

From the creative feathers and napkins to the bird nest of little bird cookies to the bird houses to the tree of the mommy-to-be’s baby pictures to the cute labeled gift bags, Katie really did a fabulous job hosting and designing this baby shower. Great job, Katie, and thanks for letting me share your ideas!!

For the projects I worked on, I’ve included a DIY section below.  I hope you find some fun new ideas to include in your next baby shower!

DIY How To:

Little Bird “BABY” Banner

Starting off, I decided to make a “BABY” banner with close pins to be hung on a wire or ribbon or whatever really at the baby shower. I covered closepins with pink and brown polkadot paper. Then I used Modge Podge (gosh, I love that stuff!) and a sponge brush to attach the paper to the clothes pins. Next, I found some wooden birds at Michael’s and Modge Podge-d those little guys with matching paper, complimented by a satin, cream colored ribbon. Oh, how I love ribbon! You may have noticed, rarely is there a project of mine that lacks ribbon. Pretty, pretty.

For the letters, I used a heavy duty card stock glued to the polkadot paper border. Next, I sponge painted/stenciled the letters on the card stock in cream colored paint. Then, and you may have to double click to enlarge, I stamped pretty little birds on the cards in a fuschia pink ink and attached bright pink tail feathers (from Michael’s) to the stamped birds as wells as a few buttons to add a cutesy touch. I thought the finished product turned out simply darling. What do you think?

Cupcake Toppers

For the cupcake toppers, Katie was looking for something along the lines of this design from The Cupcake Girls, but since I wanted to keep in line with the brown and pink polkadot paper from the banners, I decided to use the same format as what she was envisioning but made from paper rather than felt.  The cupcake toppers were really easy to make if you have the patience for small details.  I cut out each piece of the paper birds: beak, wing, body and glued them together with a glue stick.  To give the birds a stitched look as if they were sewn together, I simply used a pink calligraphy marker to make the lines around the edge.  Then I glued the paper birds to tooth picks, added a ribbon, and wallah! They were complete.  These little toppers may just be my favorite ones yet!


I created the centerpieces last, and oddly enough, I had ALL the supplies I would need on hand.  Yep, so I was already headed in the right direction!  I started off by going out to my front yard and pulling a few unnoticeable branches from my lilac bushes.  I took off the leaves and spray painted those little guys white.  Next, I had been saving salad dressing jars, all of which were the same size (perfect!), so I glued more of the pink and brown polkadot paper around the jars.  Then, I put green arrangement foam in each of the jars and stuck the branches in the foam so they would stand upright.  I then wrapped white fabric around the base of the branches to hide the green foam, and I wrapped pink tulle around the top of the jars and tied it in a pretty little bow.  I made extra little birds and hot glued them to the trees.  Lastly, I made three little banners – Precious, Sweet Pea, Little One – glued to a toothpick for a finishing touch.  Cute, don’t you think?  And…finally, I called it a night!



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