Living It Pink

I went through a serious pink phase back in college.


Not so much in decor, but most definitely in fashion.  I had an entire section of my closet dedicated to pink-wear.  Oh, how I looooooooved pink back then.  Secretly, I still do.  It’s a shame, really, that I’ve wandered so far from this fun, girly color.  Nowadays, I work in an office…professional and all that jazz, and somehow the pink in my life has been limited to scarves, earrings, and fingernail polish – when I bother to put it on.  Even my home, as much as I adore the warm, rich colors I have now, lacks any evidence of pink.  So, for the love of all things pretty and pink, I think we all need a little dose of this happy, lovely of loveliest colors.  Welcome back…!

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Did you notice all the fabulous headboards?  So charming!



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