Purple & Gold…Minnesota Style

Okay, so just yesterday, I decided to brainstorm a whole slew (a far under-used term, by the way) of different color combinations, themes, and whatever else I could think of and draw a new one each week starting this week in order to create a different inspiration board based on that theme.  “Why?” you ask.  Everyone is already doing that.  “Why not?”  I say.  No really, I am doing this purely for kicks and, of course, to see what kind of design goodies I can dig up for my fellow bloggers.  Cool?  Cool.

That being said, since it is football season and all, and being that I am a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings, this week’s inspiration board is based on a Vikings themed party.  For those of you looking for lovely wedding ideas, I’ve included some elegant goodies in there, too.

*Double click to enlarge

Photos from left to right via:

I am totally, absolutely, 100% in love with the wedding decor from Eclatante Event Design.  It is simply stunning!



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