Turquoise & Pink Table Setting

I must explain….

Last week, I drew a slip of paper I created that had the colors pink + turquoise out the proverbial hat (a.k.a. my desk drawer).  You’ll recall my new idea here.  I had originally planned on putting together an inspiration board for last Friday, BUT I just couldn’t do it…I don’t know if it was “blogger’s block” or what, but I was just kind of stuck.  These colors are fairly common, so lack of material wasn’t the issue.  It’s just that I was looking for something original.  Well, after Martha Stewart (unknowingly) filled in for me on Friday, I found these pictures of a dinner I had hosted a few years ago, and the colors happened to be none other than…pink + turquoise!  Yay me!

So…since I don’t have any dinner parties planned at my home this month (yet), I thought I would share with you my table setting from an Easter dinner I hosted at my home a few years ago.  I’ve not yet posted these photos, so I figured it was time.  It’s turquoise overload, but you won’t find any complaints here!  I purchased the placemats, heart-shaped votive candle holders, cylinder candle holders, round turquoise candles, and linen napkins at Crate and Barrel.  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that Crate and Barrel is my go-to store when it comes to purchasing table setting items.

Details: So, here’s just a few things I did to pull everything together…I filled the bottom of the fresh flower vase with crystal purple rocks just for added detail. For the napkin holders, I simply purchased mini floral sunflowers on a strand, cut the strand into about 6-inch pieces and wrapped those pieces around the linen napkins.

For the placecard holders, I just used mini glass votive holders, filled with jelly beans to hold the popsicle stick attached to the placecard in place. I wrapped the popsicle stick with a paper rose that I purchased in the floral section of a craft store (I don’t recall which one). I think they turned out pretty cute.  What do you think?  I definitely had fun pulling together this table setting, and I hope you found some fun new ideas for your next dinner party.



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