My Puppies: Peaches & Oliver

I hope you won’t mind a brief tangent.  This post isn’t quite as “elegant” as yesterday’s post, but a little dose of fun none-the-less, you know…just to mix things up a bit.

Here’s a late Halloween recap, and a random post that really has nothing to do with design but is more of an excuse for me to introduce you to my little bugs.

This is my little girl Peaches rocking it ladybug style.  She didn’t quite know what to do with the ridiculous humans who dressed her up like a ladybug and then tortured her by taking pictures.  My husband and I were laughing hysterically, but, clearly, our little Peach didn’t find it quite so funny…

And, of course, this is my little guy Oliver who is the most adorable bumble bee EVER (I think so anyway)…

Yes, sad to say, I am one of those people.  Since my husband and I don’t have kids yet, every year we dress up our maltese puppies in constumes to greet all the little trick-or-treaters.  I’m not sure the puppies love it so much, but the kids definitely go nuts over them.  The cutest, itty-bittiest girl came to our door in costume with her mom this year, and her mom said to me, “She keeps asking me if Peaches and Oliver will be home in their costumes.”  Then the little girl bent over to pet Peaches, and Peaches stood up on her hind legs and gave the girl a huge lick across the face, and then this huge smile spread across that tiny little face.  Hilarious and so adorable!  Hence the reason we continue this silly tradition.  My “little bugs” are so friendly and sweet, that I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures from Halloween this year with you all.  What fun and crazy traditions do you do for Halloween?



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