A Touch of Purple

I’m trying to expand my horizons…

You see, I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of purple, particulary when it comes to decorating.  I had actually started this post a few weeks ago, and couldn’t decide whether or not I really liked it.  However, this room completely catches my eye, and I find myself just sitting here staring at it.  Yep, just staring.  I totally dig the stylish wallpaper and vibrant colors, especially those purple, velvet, studded chairs.  The retro lamp isn’t so much my style, but I think it works here.  This is some fu-un stuff, don’t you think?

Of course, then I stumbled upon this pretty purple room (which I kind of dig, too!)…

Check out the purple detail on the ceiling?  Le sigh…

House Beautiful

Purple flowers count, right?

If I were to travel back in time to my college years, I may just be inspired by something like this…

House to Home

Or perhaps, you like something a little more chic.  Then this may be just for you…

House Beautiful

Ah, this truly is lovely…

I’m undecided on this one…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Tour De Purple with me.  Happy Tuesday!



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