Ideas Anyone? It’s Mexican Fiesta Time!

Image via Social Couture

As I shamelessly promote on my profile, I love getting feedback from all of you!  Afterall, this is what blogging is about…sharing ideas that are inspiring to others.  As much as I love to post fun ideas, I equally love to receive them.  That being said, I got this email a couple days ago from a good friend of mine who knows that I’m planning a little Mexican fiesta this weekend for my mom’s birthday (I’m so excited!).  I love that she was thinking about me, and that she was so kind to send me a link to Martha Stewart’s Mexican Fiesta Planner.  Oh that Martha, she does it again!  Anyhoo, I thought I would share my friend Heather’s email with you all…

Hey Nik,

I was killing some time tonight on the Internet, and you inspired me to check out some Martha Stewart ideas from all of your creative blog posts. Knowing you, there’s probably already a grand vision for your Mexican Fiesta this coming weekend, but I stumbled upon this Martha Stewart Mexican Fiesta Planner and had to smile because it is totally you! I especially like the “how to” section at the end with some of the craft/decoration ideas. Anyhoo…maybe you’ll receive some extra inspiration or ideas from this…

Mexican Fiesta Planner (Click on Mexican Fiesta Planner)

Have fun!


How great is that?!!  I’m kind of liking the paper mache idea.  How about you?  I’m also envisioning burlap…hmm…maybe homemade burlap placemats and napkin holders (that is if I’m feeling particularly ambitious).  If any of you have any fun and inspiring Mexican Fiesta or party planning tips or ideas, I welcome them.  Thanks for thinking of me, Heath!

Okay, okay, so I know it’s weird that I’m going all Mexican Fiesta on you here a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, but I asked my mom what kind of meal she would like for her birthday, and she likes when I do Mexican, so Mexican it is!  So……um….so far I have an uber-nerdy, tidy and extra detailed menu and shopping list aligned and in 12 pt. font put together for the occasion.  Sanity is my friend, and I like to maintain it by all means, hence “The List”.  Life is busy, and I like to play hard, but for goodness sake, I’m simply beside myself when I don’t have a list.  Anyhoo, feel free to shoot me an email (they always make me smile) or leave a comment below if you have some fun ideas for me to incorporate into my Mexican Fiesta.  P.S. Some munchkins will be there, so any fun kids ideas are oh-so welcome.  Thanks gang!



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