Placecard of the Week GIVEAWAY!! Pretty in Paisley

So, I was talking to a friend of mine last week, and she asked if I would be giving any placecards away.  Well, I thought it over, and it seemed like a pretty good idea to me, so now you have it!   Here’s how it works…as you can see, I’ve already begun crafting the placecards, which turned out pretty spiffy (psssst…they look much, much better in person, by the way), so now I need you.  If you have a dinner party of some sort or special occasion planned or that you would like to plan and you would like these placecards for you and your guests, simply leave me a comment with 5 things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving season along with the type of occasion you would use these little beauties for if you were to win.  The winner will win up to 10 of these placecards (if you absolutely need a couple more, I’ll throw those in, too!), so keep those guest names in mind, bloglets.  See, it’s easy-peasy!  The winner will be announced on Sunday, November 22nd.  Cool beans?  Remember…5 things you’re thankful for and what you would use the placecards for.  Oh, and don’t forget to include a valid email address.  Thanks, gang!

Now that I have giveaways on the brain, I must mention that I was so excited last week to win the Petite Minx jewelry giveaway from City of Dionne.  Be sure to check out her fantastic blog.  She truly has a gift for sketching incredible illustrations, and her blog is definitely one of my new faves.  Thanks a million, Dionne!!


P.S. The Mexican Fiesta was fantastic!  Pictures to come tomorrow.


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