A Lovely Award

Like I was saying yesterday, my new friend Jen over at With Grace and Lace so kindly nominated me for this Kreativ Blogger award.  Thanks so much, Jen, you’re a doll!  Jen’s blog is about her life and her loves which she describes as the chronicles of an ordinary girl walking through life with an extraordinary god. i am a newlywed, a new home owner, a friend, a daughter (to four), a sister (to four), a YL leader & lover of all things dainty.  Jen and I have discovered that we have much in common, so it’s always a joy to meet new people where you connect on the little and big things in life.  Her blog is cool beans, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

Okay, so here are the rules of this fun, little blog award:

-thank the person who nominated me for the award: Yup

-copy the logo and place it on my blog: Uhuh

-link to the person who nominated me: Check

-list 7 things people may not know about me: Get ready, gang, here we go!

-nominate 7 creative bloggers

-post their links

-leave a comment on each

Okay, okay, you asked for it, so here is a little sneaky peek behind the scenes into the life of one certified Lovely Scribbler… 

1. I love to write…obviously, right?  I’m a blogger, calligrapher, whatever.  No, really, I have piles of stories I’ve written on all topics – mostly spiritual and related to Scripture that I write upon inspiration that I think will encourage others, but I also write goofy pieces as well just for laughs.  Sometimes people ask me to do a little ghost writing for them on different projects, so it’s another one of those creative outlets for me.

2. I got hit by a car 3 years ago while out running and training for a marathon.  I flew up on the hood of the car and got shot-put out into the middle of the intersection.  Completely and utterly ridiculous,but true.  I tore the muscles all up my arm, through my shoulder and neck, and did something funky that jarred my spinal cord completely upright (it’s supposed to have a nice, natural curve for those of you non-anatomy types…like me).  It took me two years of physical therapy, set back after set back, before I finally ran and finished my first marathon – Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN this past summer.  Yahoo!!

Me training along the coast in Sydney, Australia.

3. It will be 8 years ago next month that I met and began dating my husband.  We actually met at a wedding where we were both in the wedding party.  I was a college roommate of the bride, he was a childhood friend of the groom.  He asked me to dance, and the rest is history!

4. Blogging is not my job.  As long-winded as I can get, I’m sure some of you wondered.  Nope.  My career is in the commercial real estate development business where I work in downtown Minneapolis.  My official title is asset manager/property administrator/loan closing coordinator.  Something like that anyway.  It’s multi-tasking at it’s finest…so I tell myself.  I blog strictly for kicks!

5. I am the youngest of 5 children…AND I have 4 older brothers.  With all those brothers, my parents worked very hard to make sure that I was a “little lady”.  They did not want a tom-boy after all those boys.  Well, whatever their strategy, it worked.  I am a lady and an all around girly-girl, but I have the scrappy-ness of a tom-boy.  It works for me.

6. I love a good snowfall!  Yep.

7. I’ve traveled to random places around the world, such as Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, China, Australia to name a few.  Some places I’ve gone for vacation, others I’ve gone on missions trips.  Most recently, I went to China two years ago, and I will be sharing a very special ministry in China with you soon.  I have a passion for missions, so I’m excited to introduce you to a friend of mine and the amazing work she’s doing for women coming out of the sex trafficing industry in China.  These women are making jewelry to make a new life for themselves rather than going back to prostitution.  Details coming soon.  Powerful stuff.

Blogs I nominate for this award…

Eat Drink Pretty is my sis-in-law Jenna’s blog that I mention here from time to time.  It’s a fabulous blog for the aspiring hostess with great resource for brides-to-be or those brides who are interested in submitting their wedding photos for her “Real Weddings” posts, which are a favorite of mine!  It’s also a great place to go if you’re looking to try new recipes, plan a party, or find the perfect style to bring it all together.

House of Turquoise is a favorite blog and daily must read of mine. Erin is super sweet and a local Minnesota gal like myself.  Not only do I share Erin’s obsession with the color turquoise, I’m always amazed by the gorgeous images of turquoise decor she finds everyday to share with all of us interior design types addicted to her blog.  PLUS, she has all of these cool other sites where you can find items to decorate with matching your color scheme.  Way, way cool!

Simplified Bee no doubt is another fantastic blog.  If you love all things interior design, this is another great place to be!  Cristin, the interior designer behind this blog, has fantastic tips, inspiring images and everything you would need to make a house into a lovely home.  Stop by and tell Cristin hello.  She will welcome you kindly!

City of Dionne So…I’ve mentioned Dionne before as you may recall.  I just love her blog!  She’s one talented gal, and her illustrations are awesome.  She does it all from drawing to crafting to photography to writing and likely a million other things that I have yet to discover on her blog.  Today is her 29th birthday, so stop on over and wish her a Happy Birthday!

The Stories of A to Z I recently discoverd Beth’s blog, and I am officially a fan. I love her DIY projects and inspiring home decorating ideas, not to mention Beth’s witty writing style.  Her blog is always a fun read with a wide variety of decorating ideas and fun craft projects for all those moms out there.  Definitely worth checking out!

A Fanciful Twist is another rockin’ cool blog.  I found this blog a few months ago, and I love Vanessa’s brilliant creativity on her site.  She is a true artist to her very core.  From crafting to painting to photography and everything in between, she got dished a boat load of talent.  If you haven’t seen her Mad Hatter Party, really, you must.  Her pictures are fabulous!

Shanty 2 Chic Okay, so these ladies know how to use some gorilla glue.  WOW.  I love visiting this blog because these two sisters are just so crafty.  Every time I go to their blog and come across one of their new projects, I think, “that’s brilliant! I’m going to try that.”  If you’re looking for some fun DIY projects for around the house, head on over and visit these lovely ladies!



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