Placecard of the Week: Let It Snow

Happy Monday, gang!  So…I had all of these lofty aspirations for this week’s Placecard of the Week, but the end result just sort of fell short of what I had envisioned.  Normally, I would just recreate something over and over again, until I decided that it was “just right”, which I started to do.  However, in the end, I was just too pooped from a busy-bee kind of week, that I left it as is.  I hope you won’t mind.

It went something like this…  I dug through my masses of paper, and all I could dig up was plain shades of blue paper.  Okay.  I decided I would make due.  Then I found some vellum paper in my stash to write the name on, which I thought would add a nice whimsical touch.  Hmm…not so much, mostly because you can’t tell whatsoever that it’s vellum in the picture.  Again, I decided to make due.  Next, I pulled out a container of super fine, powdery glitter (ahh, so pretty) to add a swirling, snowy effect.  I also added glitter to some snowflake buttons that I just happened to have on hand.  Who doesn’t, right?  The end result: a super sparkly (I love sparklies), fairly acceptable placecard.  BUT, I couldn’t get an accurate picture of it, so I just sort of stared at it for awhile and decided that I wasn’t so crazy about it.


I decided to create an entirely new placecard….with even more sparklies…

…Which I didn’t like either.  Weird.

I think I’m going to sleep on it and see if I like either placecard better tomorrow.  What do you think?



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