Placecard of the Week: Pearl & Black

Hi, gang!  I apologize that this is coming to you a day late, but I was a little under the weather yesterday, so I took the day off from work and even steered clear of my home computer and television to recuperate.  I’m still working out the kinks, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you all this week’s Placecard of the Week and bonus menu…

So…there’s actually a story behind today’s post and a sweet one at that.  You see, this past Sunday was my sister-in-law Jenna’s and her husband Erik’s one-year anniversary.  Well, most of you know that there are different themes that go along with different anniversaries.  I have no idea who came up with this concept (let me know if you do), but most women and a few men are familiar with it.  For example, for the first wedding anniversary, the theme is “paper”, so my brother-in-law Erik asked me if I would design a “paper” menu for him to give to Jenna for this amazing meal they were cooking together to celebrate their anniversary.  Totally sweet, right?  I decided to throw in a couple placecards just for fun.

When I was creating the menu and placecards, I wanted to design something simple yet elegant that would remind them of their wedding day.  I also wrote out all the names on Jenna’s placecards for her wedding, so I tried to replicate her theme with a swirly, elegent stamp and black embellishment gems.  I found this really pretty shimmery, pearl colored paper (although it’s hard to tell in the pictures), which I thought added another lovely element.  That being said, I hope they enjoyed the finished product, but most of all, I hope they had a wonderful day.  Happy Anniversary, Jenna & Erik!



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