Placecard of the Week: With Cherries on Top

Oh my!  Yet another new week is upon us.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  It’s so sad that Christmas comes and goes so quickly each year.  Really, it is.  The good news is that we have a chance to carry on all that Christmas is and represents…love, kindness, giving, and forgiving….throughout the upcoming new year.  Speaking of which, New Year’s is now on the horizon, which for many means a new beginning and a new chance at perhaps some old dreams and a few new goals.  How about you?  What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?  Do you have any big dreams left to be claimed?

Well, I’ll tell you my nerdy little secret (I have no shame)…for years at the beginning of each new year, I would write myself a letter explaining where I would like to see myself in 6 months, listing out all of my goals and so on.  Then I would seal the letter in an envelope and then put the date of when I could open it on the outside of the envelope and stash it away in my journal.  Completely and utterly nerdy, I know, but the funny thing is that often times I would forget exactly what it was that I wrote in that letter, and when it came time for me to open it, I would always be amazed at what God had brought about in my life during that period of time…sometimes tough stuff but for my own good, sometimes He would answer prayers that I had never spoken outloud, and other times, I would be reminded that I still fall short and have so far to come.

Years later, I sometimes look back on those letters and I laugh at the little things in my life that seemed so monumental that year, but every little step…as goofy as they might seem…was one step closer to yet another dream in my life.  I will never fully achieve all there is to be claimed in this life, but it’s nice to know I’m still moving forward.  Like an ant, I’m moving one grain of sand at a time, weaving an intricate path all my own.

Which somehow brings me to my Placecard of the Week….

I tried to create a fun, happy placecard.  You know, something with an old-school icecream shop vibe that you might use for a birthday party.  More importantly, though, I wanted to wish you the very best as you approach the New Year and as you embrace new challenges ahead and strive to reach new goals.  May your new year be filled with all that your heart desires…with cherries on top!!



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