Placecard of the Week: Patchwork

 Well, gang, it is officially a new year and a pretty good excuse to get cracking on all those New Year’s resolutions that have been tucked away in our back pockets for just such an occasion.  I have a whole slew (does anyone even use that word anymore? …because I think they should…just sayin’) of goals for 2010, but I find that I am much more likely to achieve them if I keep them secret – you know just between me, the Big Guy upstairs and my nerdy, little journal.  Anyone else have that problem?  I mean, seriously, accountability can be a killer, but at the end of the day, the truth is that we all need it.  Sooooooo, I’m going to throw myself out there and let you all in on a few things that need to be “patched up” on my end in 2010.  Just for kicks, as always!

First of all, my diet is killing me…no, no, not in that way.  I’m not trying to lose weight, but even as I sit here typing to you, I am scratching this burning rash that has suddenly taken over my arms and legs.  Guess what the culprit is?  Yep, food allergies/ intolerance issues, etc. (you may recall the holiday treats we made here – I had to test them)  I give that a big, fat, gigantic boo!  BUT, it’s a reality of mine, so I might as well scrap the denial, get focused, and get cranking away.  So, first and foremost I will be patching up my diet.  I’ve seriously fallen off the bandwagon – I just can’t say “no” to a good cupcake – but starting in 2010, I will be trying to get back on my gluten-free diet, no dairy (well, maybe a little?), no refined sugar, and yada, yada (still itching).   My goal is to master some new tasty recipes without my old faves.  Wish me luck!

Hmm…what else?  I would love to set aside a little more time to “patch up” some writing projects that I have in the works, nothing special, but just something I love to do.  I’m not one to leave a project unfinished, but when it comes to writing, it seems like there’s never an end it site…perhaps, I’m too long winded??  Nah!

When all is said and done, all kidding aside, my desire as always is to keep my eyes focused on the Lord, to remember that I, in and of myself, am completely powerless without Him.  As much as I love to do “stuff”, if I fail to recognize the One who gave it all for me, then I have accomplished nothing.  So…in 2010, I will be striving to patch up my shortcomings, to be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, and most of all child of God.

Finally, I bring you my Placecard of the Week: Patchwork.  I kept the writing simple, since the patchwork is kind of busy.  I don’t know what kind of occasion you would use this placecard for, but I had fun making it.  I actually cut out those little squares and glued them on the placecard to try to give a patchwork effect.  Did it work?

With that, I wish you a wonderful and blessed week!  What will you be patching up in 2010?



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