A Pretty Place to Snooze

Country Living

Do you ever have those days where there’s a million and one things to accomplish within that 24-hour period of time, none of which includes sleeping or eating (although, I’m sure I’ll work those in)?  You, too?  That scenario is a little bit of what the day looks like for me today: lots to do, little time, but the good part is that if I take just a few minutes to make myself a little list and scratch the “to-do’s” off as I go, somehow it all seems a whole lot less overwhelming.  Lists are like magic for me in that way.  If you’re not a list person, I encourage you to give it a try.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Really, it is.  Anyhoo, I’ll be working my way through my list and dreaming of pretty things as I go…pretty things like this darling bedroom.  Isn’t that old bench with the cozy throw the cutest?  I might throw a couple pictures on the wall to make it my own, but all in all, I’m pretty much loving this room.  What do you think?



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