Placecard of the Week: Wedding Class

I know this is coming a little late today…far later than I would like, and being that I hate to rattle on with excuses, I’ll do my best not to bore you with them all….

Didn’t work.

Excuse #1 – My internet went into an oblivion last night. Call it aliens, call it a mystery, call it the need to reset the router…I simply call it a delay. My apologies, friends!

Excuse #2 – So…I bought this cheapo $15 Craigslist chandelier that I gave an extreme spray-paint makeover to over the past week. Has anyone ever tried to spray paint brass? It doesn’t work so well. I assure you. Anyhoo, said cheap, brass, chandelier madeover was ready for installation. Installation = me and the hubs removing former light fixture and standing on our dining room table trying to install “new” outdated chandelier only to discover the electrical “stuff” from new chandy doesn’t fit together with electrical “stuff” in ceiling, which = no light fixture, which = no light, which = unhappy hubby. Valid excuse, no?

It all kind of gives me the giggles. I can’t help it! All that to say, I apologize that this is coming to you late…dang delays!

This week’s Placecard of the Week was designed with a wedding in mind. I can’t say that I’m crazy about these placecards. (Can I blame it on working in the semi-dark?) No long story with this one, gang. Just sort of threw it together. What do you think?

In other news…you may recall this owl placecard that I made last week. Well, I had so much positive feedback that I decided to make a set of 12 of the little guys (with a few tweaks – notice the new little branch) for my friend Beth over at The Stories of A to Z as a hostess gift for hostessing last week’s placecard giveaway. I hope you like them Beth! I’m dropping these babies in the mail today!

Thank you so much for all of you who entered the giveaway and for all of the sweet comments. Happy Monday to you all!!


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