My Bedroom & An Inspiring Place to Write

So…today’s post is actually a re-run of a post I did on my personal blog last year; however, I thought I would share it on Lovely Scribbles for all my blogging buddies over here because this old secretary’s desk of mine is one of my all time favorite thrift store finds.  Here goes…

Pssssttt…you must read the story below to appreciate the find (wink, wink)

My Bedroom (I need curtains…any suggestions???)

My thrift store secretary’s desk

From a different angle, of course!

Yet another different angle for the full effect…

Desk Accessories

I love to write.

I love pretty places. I love pretty places to write in. And so, I decided that I needed to create a little niche for such a place. Being that I’ve already decorated and alloted a purpose to each individual room in my house, I would just have to make room somewhere.

Second only to my kitchen, my bedroom is one of my absolute favorite rooms in my house. It’s painted this cool hyacinth color, and it just feels relaxing and spa-like every time I set foot in there, so that is the exact place where I chose to add a writing desk. I just had one problem: I had no writing desk. I had a few ideas about what I was envisioning, but didn’t actually think I would find what I was looking for in my seriously limited price range. What I had in mind in my mental floor plan was a vintage roll top desk or something of the sort, but I figured I would have to go hunting at expensive, obscure little antique shops for such a find, and to be honest, I just wasn’t in the mood for that endeavor, so I opted for Plan B: Goodwill. Yep, that’s right, I set out for the closest Goodwill store on a fluke looking for the “perfect” writing desk. Did I actually think I would find one? Nope, not at all. But you know what…I did, and for only $85, it truly is perfect!

When I first saw this desk, it was love at first site, and I had visions of painting it white dancing through my head, but then I thought, “What if ‘someday’ the opportunity presents itself for me to go on the Antique Road Show, and what if this desk is actually worth something, and I go and destroy the value by painting it?” Yes, yes, an absurd concept I know, but I had to go with it. So, on second thought, I opted to keep it in it’s original condition, which, to be honest, is quite good.

So, now I have a writing desk. Yay! And now…I can write.


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