Placecard of the Week: Royal Blue & Silver

Honestly, I have no idea what kind of placecard I’m going to create each week.  Case in point…

Here’s the funny thing about it: I bought all of these pretty, little Valentine’s paper accessories a couple weeks ago for placecards this month, and, of course, my brain completely malfunctioned this week (er, this month), and I totally forgot about them.

I did have pink on the brain, though, when I set out to design a placecard, which meant I was headed in the right direction (unknowingly).  I had all sorts of patterns and shades of pink paper in front of me, really I did, and yet, somehow, I ended up grabbing a plain old sheet of royal blue paper, a silver pen (did I mention I misplaced my calligraphy pen – gosh, what a fiasco – and still haven’t found it) a bird stamp and some clear gemstones, and this is what I came up with.  I simply stamped the bird in a deeper shade of blue on the blue paper, then I traced the pattern of the stamp with my silver pen and added the embellishment gems, which just so happened to be the exact shape of the geometric leaves.  No fancy calligraphy here, folks.  This is just my every day cursive “Simply Lovely” style.  No bells and whistles, but hopefully, still effective.

Anyhoo, sometime around when the Superbowl was wrapping up, I remembered that Valentine’s Day was around the corner and that I hadn’t even created a single Valentine’s Day placecard yet, and there I was with pictures of a blue placecard, half falling asleep.

Speaking of which, my little guy Oliver and I were on the same page last night.  This is a bad picture, but funny just the same.  Here’s my little guy lying on his back, front paws up in the air folded over (not sure if you can tell in the mass of furry white) tongue sticking out, sound asleep in a pile of blankets…for the entire Super Bowl.  What a life!

Happy Monday, gang!


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