Handmade Party Favors

I realize it’s been ages ago (well, okay, more like a couple weeks) since I’ve posted some goodies by the crew over at Martha Stewart, so I thought I would browse around  for some new ideas (new to me) to share with all my lovely peeps over here.  As a disclaimer, I use this blog inadvertantly to archive all of the ideas I hope to actually put to good use some day.  Don’t hold me to actually doing that, but I’m just sayin’.  Cool?  Cool.

Sooooooo…what I found was some very crafty, creative, and super fun handmade party favors to share with you all.  Oh, how I love party favors!  Seriously, as serious can get.  I get all happy and squirly and well, you get the point.  Who doesn’t love coming home from a party with a special, little treat?  Party favors are the cherry on top of the party.  Regardless of whether or not you actually have a purpose for that favor, I’m sure that little kid inside of you still loves to receive them.  Am I right?  Well, gang, here are just a few of my favorites from Martha Stewart

LOVE these little personalized lunch boxes.  How fun would this be for an outing with the kiddos?

Pie to go!  Pie in a pretty container to go!  Pie with a pretty label to go!  Oh, Martha, you’re a genius!

I’m definitely going to give these little paper flowers with candy a try.  Super cute!

For those of you who don’t mind your mug on a lollipop…

I hope you find a fun, new idea to add to your archives.  Have a wonderful day, gang!


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