The Artist’s Brush

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When God is at work behind the scenes of our lives, why is it that we feel the need to know exactly everything that’s happening along the way? We feel the need to know exactly what God is doing, how He is doing it and the outcome of what he’s trying to accomplish. It’s as if we are trying to micromanage God. How ridiculous.

Yet…I find myself doing it all the time, and what is God’s response to me? He completely shuts me down. He takes away all insight and completely breaks me down to the point of being utterly blind so that I have no choice but to put my full trust in Him. He blinds me from any directions that may indicate where my path is being led, yet He holds out His hand waiting for me to take hold. He knows and understands the uncertainty that consumes me, and still He remains. He will not move me until I reach out and take His hand and trust Him alone to guide me through the darkness to the destination He has prepared for me. Even though I can’t see or feel Him, I must believe that He is there, fighting on my behalf.

He will not give me any clues as to where I am going until I have completely surrendered my desire to lead, to know all and to be in charge of my own destiny. I must give it all up – loosen my grip on the things I fear to lose. I must let go. He won’t reveal His work until every last shred of my self-reliance has been stripped away from me. He brings me to a place where I am completely humbled and broken where I have no place to turn other than to look directly towards Him, yet, strangely, it’s at this very place of brokenness where I find peace as He pours out His grace on me.

When I think about it, it’s like an artist working on his masterpiece. The artist never reveals his work until it is complete because if someone were to see the “work in progress,” they may be critical of it – that it’s a mess or that it will never amount to anything with the direction it’s taking, but the artist knows the steps he must take to turn it into something beautiful. He knows that his painting must go through an ugly phase before it can become beautiful, so he works ever so diligently tweaking the flaws, slowly transforming his painting. He waits…unwilling to reveal his masterpiece until it is ready for all to see. With great skill and determination, he works into the late hours of the night when all others have long since been asleep. Some call him crazy, others not quite sure what to make of him, yet with each stroke of his paint brush, new life is breathed into his masterpiece. Only the artist knows when his work has been completed. He lays his paint brush down, and he steps back to take a look at what he’s created, and, although, it took many days and weeks and nights, it is finally finished, and it is beautiful. Beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined, it is perfect, and it is now at this time that the artist is ready to reveal his masterpiece for all to see. It’s not something that could have been rushed because it might otherwise have been a disaster. Timing is everything for the artist.

So many times I’ve wanted to see the work in progress, to see every step along the way, only to find myself disappointed and disillusioned at what seems to be a lack of progress or just one big mess. However, I’m discovering that, like the artist who refused to reveal his work until it was complete, God won’t reveal all that He has been preparing me for until every detail has been covered and no rock has been left unturned – until His work in me has been made complete for that which he has called me to. So…I must choose to wait on the Lord with great anticipation for His purpose for my life to be made known to me – for His masterpiece to be revealed. Although I can’t see Him or feel Him right now, I know He is at work. He is working diligently around the clock, all hours of the night when everyone else is asleep, transforming me into something beautiful…something through which He can be glorified when He finally puts down his paint brush. Just try to imagine all that He’s been doing when you weren’t even looking. I dare you…

The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Exodus 14:14 (KJV)


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