Placecard of the Week: Birthday Balloons & More



I admit, I have shelves and shelves and more shelves and bins and even more bins full of craft supplies.  If I didn’t make time to put all of my supplies to good use, it might just be a crime.  Seriously.  However, a girl’s got to have her basics on hand all in one place.  Right?  So, this is my “placecard station”.  Okay, that sounds totally tacky, but I’m too lazy this morning to rack my brain for a better name, so placecard station it is.  Yes, that’s right, gang, this is where the magic happens each week.

Do you recall my “enthralling” introduction to my boring (but lovely, of course), empty desk over {here}.  Well, I did end up dressing it up a pinch a few months back.  I started out by covering the shelves in scrapbook paper.  Pretty, yes?  Then, I covered some empty cans and jars in matching paper and wrote out some labels for my everyday sort of supplies.  I then added ribbons and buttons as embellishments because, well, because it’s oh-so-nice to work in an organized, easy-on-the-eyes kind of space.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s a little peak-a-roo at the finished product… (excuse the mess)

Handy, huh?  The button jars are my favorite, but the true beauty in this system is that I can just close the lid and hide the mess when I’m done.  Yahoo!

Okay, so now waaaaaay back to the subject line.  This week’s Placecard of the Week is all about birthday balloons.  This past Saturday was my 29th birthday, which was the inspiration behind this placecard.  I definitely had an interesting birthday this year.  It was surprising, wonderful, difficult (not for reasons you might think), yet ultimately, perhaps one of my very favorites.  Thank you everyone for blowing me away with kindness.  Details to come tomorrow.

And…finally congratulations to Stereos and Souffles for winning last week’s placecard giveaway via  Thank you to everyone who participated!!


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