A Mighty Fine Birthday Cake & So Much More

My husband is amazing.

I don’t mean to brag.  Okay, who am I kidding?  Of course, I do, but rightfully so.  You see, the love of my life surprised me this weekend by making the most beautiful, might I add delicious, cake for my birthday.  Homemade.  From scratch.  With unfamiliar ingredients.  Did I mention gluten-free?  I would like to re-emphasize the delicious part.  If any of you out there are gluten intolerant like me, you can understand how monumental it is when you find a baked good that not only tastes decent, but truly tastes amazing.

This was monumental…



My friends and family were pretty wonderful too, so shame on me if I don’t send out a HUGE “Thank You” to all of the people that truly blessed my very first “real” 29th birthday, as one friend called it.  Gotta love it!  I would go into detail on all of the little and big surprises that were poured out on me over the weekend, but I am so humbled that I’m almost speechless.  So…I will just say, thank you for the undeserved birthday loot.  I’m like a kid in a candy store!  Literally.

My sweet tooth thanks you, too (although, my dentist is going to have your heads for this, my friends).  My Tic-Tacs are officially gone.  My box of Sprees is nearly gone.  You better believe the box of Nerds will be gone by this time next week.  Yahoo!  Wahoo!  Yahoo!  Oh, and Thank You!!

This fun, little care package was sent to my office.  My co-worker brought it into my office saying, “I’m dying to know why this package is rattling.”  I already knew the answer without even knowing this gift was coming.  Candy.  My favorite…

Another office delivery from a friend…  How cool is this unique arrangement!



Yes, I tied my birthday balloon to a pineapple.  It was convenient.  Oh-oh, do you see that white and tan bag in the picture below?  One friend bought it for me because “it matched my car”, which is a white Jetta with tan, leather interior.  Hilarious!    I bet you’re wondering about the elephant.  It’s true, I love elephants.  No explanation, just love ’em.  Ha!


I am blessed from the top of my head way down to my twinkly toes.  THANK YOU!


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