Stylish Home Organization

Images 1-4 via Canadian House & Home

Images 5-6 via Apartment Therapy

Images 7-11 Via Real Simple

Oh how I’ve missed you, interior design! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some fun decorating images, so here we go….  When I have the time and actually make the time, I am one wild, organizational machine. I have a system for just about everything. Labels and neatly stacked storage bins are my friends.  *Seriously* as serious can be. I hate wasting time looking for stuff, so I organize.

Case in point, the stud randomly asked me about a month ago if I happened to have a staple gun.  Psscht! Do I have a staple gun?  What a silly question, my love.  Of course, I do.  Then I proceeded to direct him to the garage to the top drawer of my “craft supplies” storage system where he will find said staple gun in question.  Crazy system or not, it just works.

So…you can just about imagine my delight when I came across some of these fancy-schmancy home organization images. Hmph. I never considered putting a chandelier in my closet, but it does add a little something-something, wouldn’t you agree? How do you like to stay organized?  Happy Friday, gang!!


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