Placecard of the Week: St. Patrick’s Day



Being an Irish girl myself – a few freckles and all (I have a blatanly Irish maiden name, too), I have a little extra love for St. Patrick’s Day.  While I haven’t delved into my Irish heritage quite as much as my brothers, I still enjoy the charm of all things leprechans, four-leaf clovers, the color green (my eye color), green beer…wait, just kidding.  I don’t actually drink, but you get the gist of it.  St. Patrick’s Day is an all around fun holiday!

So…this week, I decided to create a St. Patrick’s Day placecard.  I suspect these placecards might be a fun way to label and display all of your St. Patty’s Day treats and baked goods if you have a special, little party in the works.  I’m thinking of making green cupcakes myself.  What kind of mischief do you have up your sleeve to celebrate?  Happy Monday, gang!


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