An Irish Tea Party

I made those green cupcakes as promised

…And had myself a lovely, little Irish tea party (not really, but theoretically, wink-wink).  Oh-oh, and I bought the most beautiful, fresh orange tulips this past weekend….the perfect addition to my faux tea party…




Patrick O’Flannagan joined me (hehe)….



It was a lovely time, indeed.  I know, I know – I’m a totally nerd.  This is what happens when I get a new toy for Christmas, that toy being my new Digital SLR (LOVE IT – thanks, honey).  All kidding aside, the tulips really are gorgeous and the perfect way to bring a touch of spring indoors.  The cupcakes, although gluten free, are lime flavored and are actually pretty dang delicious if I do say so myself, and that adorable little tea set you see is a collector’s set that my mom bought as a gift for me years and years ago.  I’ve never used it *gasp* but I really think I should!

So with that, I wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Are you wearing your green today?


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