Pretty in Pink Kitchen

This kitchen just makes me smile…

I think I have a serious case of spring fever.  Over the past week, I’ve purchased two bouquets of fresh tulips and one bouquet of fresh spring mix flowers.  I’ve opened the windows, done a ton of spring cleaning, even had a fun, little dinner party last Friday, and I think a nice outdoor run is in order for today.  It’s been a record breaking warm March here in Minnesota, and I am loving every minute of it!  Oh, and my wedding anniversary is next week too, so I’m extra excited about the beautiful weather because I have an outdoor surprise up my sleeve for the stud.  I can’t wait!  Shh…I can’t tell you what it is right now, but stay tuned…

And…of course, I am totally loving this tidy, bright, happy and oh-so pink kitchen – flowers and all.  Did you notice those special little cabinets for baking ingredients.  I can’t quite tell for sure, but they almost look like mini bank safes.  Ridiculously cool.  AND, oh my, those flowers!  Does it get any better?  I’m not sure it does.  Happy Thursday, gang!


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