One Oh-So-Happy Day!

So…I was going to do a post today on these ridiculous peep cupcakes…affectionately called “peepcakes” that my hubby and I goofed around with in the kitchen this past weekend (laughing hysterically every step of the way) along with a few other Easter ideas for all of you, but I find myself scrambling a bit today.  I have the day off from work, and I’m off to get that pedicure I was dreaming about yesterday (thanks for the gift card, Lisa!) and do about a million other errands.

Like I mentioned yesterday, today is my wedding anniversary.  Yay!  Soooooooo….we will be doing something we absolutely love doing together….cooking (head out of the gutter, ladies).  Not sure what you guys were thinking…  No seriously, we both LOVE cooking and baking, and we are constantly trying new recipes, so I will be doing a little grocery shopping.  Here’s the funny thing, okay – the borderline weird thing – I’ve had my homemade turkey burgers on the brain.  I throw in onions, cilantro, a little gorgonzola, and who knows what else, and slap ’em on the grill.  Heavenly.  However, I didn’t tell my husband that I was thinking that.  Instead, I mentally decided to scrap the idea, since it didn’t seem like a very romantic meal.  (I have a point here, I promise!)  So, this morning before Ron took off for work, I asked him what we should cook for our anniversary dinner.  His answer?  Turkey burgers.  We’re weird like that.  This is the 3rd time this week, our minds have been that unknowingly in sync.  Crazy?  A little.  Cool?  Definitely.  Afterall, he is part of me now.

Ron and I have only been married for two years, but we’ve been together for about 8 1/2 years now.  We have been through our ups and downs like anyone.  We’ve been engaged twice, apart for one year, and yet inseparable for life.  At this incredible place in our lives, we are simply in love…in sync…and totally crazy about each other.  He is the best part of my day, the love of my life, and without a doubt, my very best friend.  There is no one I know who is as sharp-witted as him and who makes me laugh till my stomach aches.  Every time I look at him, I can’t help but think of how handsome he is.  His smile still melts my heart, and I love him to the moon and back!

We chose to have an extremely small wedding with immediate family only and a few of our very closest friends to stand up for us.  We got married un-traditionally on a Sunday in a small country chapel where I grew up going to church.  It rained buckets that day – good luck, they say.  Our reception was in a private room at a supper club sitting on top of a hill.  The decorations were lovely.  With the fireplace crackling in the room, surrounded by loved ones, it was perfection. A lot of people were surprised that I had such a small, intimate wedding, since I used to coordinate such large and elaborate weddings and since I’m a freak about pulling out all the stops, but without question, it was exactly what both my husband and I wanted.

Also, a lot of people ask me about my wedding dress since it’s so untraditional, so here’s the scoop.  It was the first dressed I tried on (the 2nd time we were engaged), it was a Jessica McClintock beauty, it was only $500, and I just knew it was “me”. I walked out of the dressing room, and my bestie Mandy said, “That’s the one!”  I already knew it, too.

At the end of the day, I thank God for giving me my husband.  More than the wedding, I desired a blessed marriage, and I am humbled and amazed that I’ve been given that.  Thank you, Ron, for being the man of my dreams.  I love you with all my heart.  P.S.  Happy Anniversary!!

Ppppp.Ssss…Oh, and my gift to Ron that I promised to share with you all….club level tickets to a Minnesota Twin’s game at the new stadium and a new Twin’s jersey.  I’m not sure who’s more excited: him or me, but it should be a blast!


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