You may recall me mentioning the peep cupcakes the hubby and I made over the weekend back {here}.  Well, with the best of intentions, this little project sort of turned into a fiasco.  What was supposed to be something cute and creative turned into me watching my husband dissect one peep after another (we had some rabbit shaped peeps, too).  Ears were coming off, tails were flying off, heads were rolling off – all in an effort to create flower petals out of peeps.  It was a disaster.  I didn’t want to laugh.  I tried not to laugh.  BUT, I laughed till it hurt.  I really tried not to encourage the destruction of these time consuming, little cupcakes.  I failed miserably.  With each new creation, hubby gave each and every one a specific name ranging from “Peep on the Water” to “Fried Egg Peep” to “Peep Show” (don’t ask) and so on.  What can I say?  Boys will be boys.

In the end, I thought it best to not take pictures of any of the disasters, step away from the project for the rest of the night, and give it another go in the morning.  In the end, these cupcakes are what I came up with.  Nothing spectacular, but kind of fun for Easter.

On a side note, I think peeps are hilarious.  They are such a strange concoction that I, personally, have always found disgusting, but the hubs loves them, so I always find myself buying them this time of year.  Oh, and since it’s April Fool’s Day and all, and we’re on the subject of peeps, here’s a fun prank that a co-worker of mine and I played on our boss a few years ago…since peeps are seemingly indestructable (unless you try the above), we decided to hide pink peeps in every nook and cranny, desk drawer, shelf and whatever else we could find throughout his office, hoping it would take months for him to find them all.  I don’t recall our boss finding it very funny, but I think that made us laugh that much harder.  Immature?  Completely.  Would I do it again?  Probably.  Gosh, peeps are fun!  What harmless pranks have you played on April Fool’s Day?


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