Placecard of the Week: Vintage Tea Party

So……..I found these stylish, vintage-y silk flower embellishments with feathers at Michael’s over the weekend, so I decided to play around with a couple different styles of placecards, and this is what I came up with…







I couldn’t help but think these embellishments reminded me of something you would see on an “older woman’s hat” (pardon the expression) at a very proper tea party, but since all things vintage are making a massive, sweeping comeback, I think they are fairly appropriate for all my peeps right here.

For the lace edges on the “Rochelle” placecard, I used my Martha Stewart floral lace edge punch, although, I didn’t do the greatest job with it.  As for the other placecards, I simply used my silver pen to write the names and trace the fleur stamp that I stamped on the corners.  Then I added a square embellishment gem to the lower left corners of the “Ophelia” and “Hannah” cards.  I would say they turned out OKAY.  I’ll keep playing around with different ideas, but for now, I hope you find a new idea or two that you like this week.

Happy Monday, gang!


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