A Beautiful Day in Paris

I know these pictures have circulated the blogosphere a little while back, but they are just so lovely and inviting that I had to share them with you all here…

Photography by Liz Rusby via This is Glamorous

I have always, always counted the days until the trees flower in springtime. I love to be outside and go on long runs taking in the incredible scents and beauty of the lilacs, which have always been my favorite flower.  I used to pick mass bunches of lilacs and bring them home to my mom any chance I could.

I grew up in a small town surrounded by the country for miles and miles, and I can remember all the times my friends and I would go exploring in the woods gathering bluebells and violets and bright orange lillies.  Actually, I used to pick all sorts of flowers out of random people’s yards to bring home to my mom when I was just a peanut (shhh….don’t tell), and my mom would always thank me for the thoughtfulness followed by a loving reprimand that I shouldn’t be picking other people’s flowers.  Who knew?!!   I guess coming home with a bundle of garden roses was a dead giveaway that I found a new place to “shop” for flowers.  Oops!

I don’t know what kind of trees these are in Paris, but here in Minnesota, the crab apple trees bud into beautiful, brilliant pink flowers, and they are most definitely my favorite visual of Spring.  Perhaps, this is why I’m so drawn to these images.  What kind of memories do you have this beautiful time of year?


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