Decorating With Flowers

Velvet Pears by Susan Southam via Brabourne Farm

As I sit in my office looking at two beautiful, thriving plants sitting on my windowsill, I am well aware of the 5 year old blemish orchid just to the right of them dying slowly.  Seriously, its leaves are brown and crispy.  Sad, I know.  Honestly, I’ve been trying to keep it alive for-ev-er, but I’m just failing BIG time.  I get loads of sun in my office.  Hmm…maybe that’s the problem.  I haven’t bothered to research orchids in Oh……..I don’t know, maybe a good 4.75 years, but I’m fearing the worst: I’m afraid it might just be too late.  Any orchid champions out there with a few tips for me?

Anyhoo…in light of this tragedy, I decided to give myself a little inspiration on “what could be”, and I think this room/patio would be heavenly (uh…that is if I could actually grow beautiful plants like this).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty?  I certainly think I could handle it.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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