Hanging Out With Erin from House of Turquoise

I would normally call this an “interview” with the person behind the magic, but Erin Olson, the creator of the fabulous blog House of Turquoise, is so cool and laid back, that it felt like we were old friends just hanging out last week when I had the privilege of meeting her in person for the first time.

Erin is a Minnesota blogger, like myself, and I have been captured by the gorgeous turquoise eye candy that she continues to share with the blogging world from the first time I stumbled upon her blog.  I first heard about Erin a little over a year ago when my co-worker brought in a local newspaper article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (a pretty large article, I might add) highlighting Erin’s blog and her passion for all things turquoise.  Known by friends for my own love of all things turquoise, I was thrilled to discover the House of Turquoise and have been hooked ever since.

I met Erin last week at the restaurant Crave at the Mall of America, and what we both thought would be a quick meeting turned into a long conversation about our lives, our loves, and our passions for blogging.  While many of the bloggers I follow live across the country and around the world, for that matter, Erin lives just ten minutes away from me here in the Twin Cities, so I was excited to have the chance to finally meet.  I discovered we had much in common from our age to our height (or lack thereof!) right down to our introverted personalities.  That’s right, we’re both introverts, if you can believe it!  It’s funny how blogging has a way of drawing us out of comfort zone in ways that we might not easily do in person.  Most of all, though, I discovered that Erin is as sweet in person as she comes across on her blog.

As many of you know, the House of Turquoise is an incredibly popular blog in the design world, and, although, Erin claims to have no formal training in design, it’s clear that she has an excellent eye for some of the most beautiful interiors to be found in the designing world…that is, all turquoise interiors, and her finds have drawn in some huge media names, including: House Beautiful, Financial Times of London, The Washington Post, Hgtv.com, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Erin highlights designs on her blog in her favorite shades of turquoise, robin’s egg blue, aqua, sky blue, seafoam green, and ocean bloom – all shades worthy of a blog entirely devoted to showcasing them.

Erin, a lifelong fan of the color turquoise, created the House of Turquoise while spending a year in Germany back in 2007.  What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a fan favorite, and soon Erin found a market of followers interested in not only looking for turquoise inspiration but also in finding turquoise items to make that inspiration a reality in their homes.  To which, Erin responded by creating her website Everything Turquoise, where she daily finds items in the color turquoise so those looking to purchase can do so directly from her site.

From there, Erin discovered that her followers were interested in other designs and colors as well, so she launched an array of color coordinated websites to meet the interests of her fans, where one can purchase items directly from her sites.  The cool part is that she does all the work for you by finding items to offer that meet the interests of all those looking to redesign and decorate their homes in a color of their choosing.  Her other sites include: Pop of Red, Purple Punch, All Animal Prints, Just Blue and Green, The Chocolate Blues, Pink and Brown Love, Décor Green, Black and White Delight, Everything Turquoise, Bedding Envy, and Pink and Green Scene.  I could spend hours looking through these sites, and there really is a little something for everyone.

Erin is full-time blogger.  Not only is this her career, and a pretty amazing one at that, but it is also her passion.  Be sure to stop by House of Turquoise and wish her a kind hello.  She’s cool stuff, and you won’t be disappointed!

Here are just a few of Erin’s all time favorite turquoise inspirations….

For image sources, head over {here}

Are you officially a fan yet?  I thought you might be!


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