DIY Cupcake Toppers & Straw Flags







Pretty Photos via Sewell Photography


Ugly, nighttime photos via me 😉

Last week, I shared with you all this absolutely lovely dessert buffet by Jenna of Eat Drink Pretty.  Jenna had asked me to design the cupcake toppers, placecards, and straw flags.  I knew that with whatever I came up, it would be important that it tied in with Jenna’s overall vision, and one of the items I put a lot of thought into was the cupcake toppers.

While, I enjoy playing around in Photoshop and doing a little graphic design here and there, my passion really lies in creating handmade, original designs the good old fashioned way…with paper, scissors, and a little glue…oh, and my writing hand, of course!  However, this project was extra special not only because Jenna is my sister-in-law, but also because I knew Jenna was envisioning the perfect Eat Drink Pretty-themed dessert buffet.  So…for all of my blogging buds out there looking to create your very own cupcake toppers (and you like what you see here), I’ve included a little step-by-step DIY guide to help you get er done!


1. The first thing that came to my mind was Jenna’s logo, which is a chandelier.  Jenna LOVES pretty chandeliers, so I really wanted to incorporate that aspect of her design.  I asked Jenna to send me a digital version of her logo.  From there, I formatted and resized the logo on my computer so I could print a ton of those little guys off in one shot.

2. Once the logo was reformatted, I printed the mini chandeliers on a grooved, card-stock white paper.  However, the “pink” print of the chandeliers was too light, and I wanted to create something that would pop and shimmer in pictures, so I filled in each chandelier with a silver pen.  It might sound tedious, but I have a ridiculous amount of patience, so I actually enjoy these kind of details.

3. Next, I cut out each chandelier with a Martha Stewart rotary cutter.I also cut out a second pink circle as a background for each of the chandelier circles.

4. For the die-cut, lace-edged circle background, I simply purchased Martha Stewart die-cut lace tagsto complete the look I was going for.

5. Finally, I glued the three circles together, added a few embellishment gems to represents crystals on the chandeliers, and hot-glue gunned the toppers to candy sticks.

Easy-peasy, yes?  I hope you like the finished product!  I absolutely loved being a part of this project, and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Eat Drink Pretty come to life through this gorgeous dessert buffet.  To see even more pictures of Jenna’s dessert buffet and details, head over {here}.

Have a wonderful day!


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