One Of Those Days


Image Via Trust Your Style

Hiya, gang!  I know I’ve been a bit “hit or miss” (okay, a little more miss) this week, so I’m sorry for not having a Placecard of the Week just yet.  However, I’ve been working on some really fun, new projects that I am so excited to share with you all very soon.  I can’t give it away right now, but stay tuned!

For today, I absolutely love this image.  How wonderful would it be to just lie down in the grass and read a good book or take a little snooze-a-roo?  Pretty fantastic, if you ask me!  I hope you find time this week to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and take time to do those little things that brighten up your day.

In other totally random (less happy) news, my little, itty-bitty guy Oliver is at the vet all day getting all sorts of dental work done and a whole load of teeth pulled (I’m not even going to tell you how many – it makes me cringe).  Apparently, dental problems are very common with toy sized dogs (he’s a whopping 5.9 lbs.), but I just feel terrible that he has to have this done.  The vet tried to assure me that this wasn’t my fault and that this just happens all the time with these little breeds and so on and so forth, but I still feel terrible.

My husband and I don’t have kids yet, so our dogs are our babies, and I admit that when the vet called to tell me that they were pulling all of his front teeth (keep in mind this is an otherwise very happy, healthy little guy that we spoil rotten), I cried.  Literally. I cried.  Then I picked up the phone and called my husband.  AND cried to him…on his birthday.  Did I mention today is my husband’s, the love of my life’s birthday?  It is, so as soon as I have Oliver home resting and healing, I am off to treat my husband to a little birthday fun, so for heaven’s sake, I better get a grip!  He really is amazing, and I’m blessed to be married to such a wonderful guy.  Happy Birthday, Ron!

Here’s a picture my sis-in-law Jenna snapped of Oliver a couple of weeks ago when we brought him and our little girl Peaches over to her house for a BBQ.  Isn’t he too cute?


Anyhoo, have a happy day (and don’t forget to brush your pet’s teeth)!!


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