Place Card Of The Week: Polkadots



Happy Monday, friends!  I know I’ve been away from blogland for a few days catching up on projects (thank you for being patient with me!), but I’m happy to be back with this week’s Place Card Of The Week: Polkadots.  On a side note, I actually made these tasty, little petits fours for my sister-in-law Katie’s bridal (shower) brunch.  I used {this recipe} for the petit fours.  I then filled the centers with seedless raspberry jam, and topped them off with glaze, which is just your basic egg white, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla combo.  They were delicious!  As for the brunch itself, well, it was lovely as ever, which you will soon see pictures of over at Eat Drink Pretty, as Jenna was the mastermind behind said loveliness.

As far as the placecard this week, I was playing around with my penmanship in an effort to mix it up…just for kicks.  I love the color combination of this little card, and, let’s be honest, does it get much more fun than polkadots?  I think not.  Have a wonderful day, gang!


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