Place Card of the Week: Raspberry & White




I’m here!  Finally!  I’m here!  I know I’ve been completely hit or miss here in blogland for the past couple weeks, and I appreciate all of your kind comments and visits back here sooooooooo much.  Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The truth behind my absence is that my husband lost one of his very closest friends a couple of weeks ago to a terrible tragedy that I can’t even begin to explain here, so it’s been a very difficult time at our home dealing with the grief of it all.  I absolutely adore blogging and visiting with all of my friends here, but this time, I knew I just needed to take some time to focus on my husband and life and, most importantly, focus on prayer for everyone touched by this tragedy.  It was just one of those times to “be still” and seek the Lord.  I won’t elaborate anymore right now.  Who knows, perhaps, it will come out in one of my gut-spilling Heart Sessions (you know how I tend to do that).  We’ll see…

BUT, I am back now, and I hope you enjoy some of the projects that I’ve been working on to share with you all.  This week, I created a pretty little place card that I think would be lovely at bridal shower/brunch or something along those lines.  It’s all things girly and pretty with the elegance of the deep raspberry color.

Speaking of raspberries, I also did a little baking this weekend.  I made these Gluten Free Raspberry Oat Scones from Cannelle et Vanille, and that little sprig of basil you see there…well, that’s from my teeny, tiny garden, which is still alive and well.  Yay!


Thanks for stopping by, gang, and have a wonderful day!


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