It’s Been Awhile…Welcome Back Decor!


Via Canadian House & Home

I know it’s been quite some time since I shared some of my favorite designs floating out and about, but when I saw this lovely dining room, I just knew I had to archive it with the rest of my favorites.  That wooden table is the coolest!  I love the carved legs and rustic vibe complimented by a more contemporary light fixture and table accessories.  Contrasting styles can be woven together brilliantly with the right eye.  Case in point.  Oh, and those chairs with the plaid cushions totally had me at hello. Now, the wallpaper belongs in a whole other category of goodness amongst itself.

I have no idea why, but lately I’ve been drawn to pink and white decor, so maybe that’s why I’m drooling over this simple yet lovely dining room.  Good grief, I know my husband would never EVER go for this color palette, but it is quite eye catching.  Wouldn’t you agree?


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