Sometimes, I come across a picture that just makes me happy…


Photo Credit: Paul Barbera via Marlein Overakker

…because it reminds me to celebrate!  First of all, how adorable is this cupcake?  Darling.  I agree.  Safe?  Not so much.  That’s okay, though…fashion over function, right?

[WARNING: Remove sparkler from cupcake before eating.  Heck, maybe skip the sparkler altogether and just enjoy the pretty picture.]  Okay, I just had to throw that warning in there for kicks, but let’s be honest, do you ever come across the most ridiculous “common sense” type warning and wonder if it’s really necessary for them to put out such a painfully obvious statement?  Well…I suspect, as with most things, the warning has come into place because there is someone, somewhere who has tried the not-so-good-and-terribly-obvious bad idea.  Thus, my warning. 🙂

Secondly, I do have reason to celebrate this week.  My sister-in-law Katie (my husband’s little sis) is getting married in a fews days, and it is sure to be a fabulous wedding.  Oh, and Katie loves cupcakes, so I thought this pretty little treat is the perfect visual to usher in the festivities.  This, of course, does mean that a Placecard of the Week this week is highly unlikely with all of the planning and what-not, but who knows, sometimes I surprise myself.  Have a happy day, gang!

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