A Snooze In The Trees



Images via Photographer Ditte Isager

Sometimes I come across images that make no sense whatsoever, and yet I’m completely drawn into the fantasy land they portray.  Case in point.  I admit, I do have a bit of an imagination that has the capacity to run wild from time to time, dare I unleash it at a moment’s notice.  But really…a bed in the trees?  As a selling point for bedding?  Really?  And yet…strangely I am inspired.  You see, I’m the type of nut these crazy marketing departments target.  It’s true.

Now, if my husband comes home to our bed hanging from our deck and a couple lamps dangling from the adjacent trees, he best take this post as a forewarning.  The ol’ imagination is officially fired up.  Happy Monday, gang!

Pssst….I did actually make a Place Card of the Week, but I’m procrastinating posting it until…let’s say…tomorrow??  Stay tuned!


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