Place Card of the Week: Jungle Fun





I’m not quite sure where I bought these jungle stickers, but when I was digging through my surplus of supplies, I was excited to find them.  I’ve always loved bright colors, and when combined with cute characters, it’s party perfection!

So…when I was outside the other day taking pictures of my place cards, it was so windy that one of the cards blew across the street in sort of a zig-zag pattern.  I muttered, “Oh no!  Not the monkey one!” and off I went running in that same zig-zag pattern after it.  If I felt stupid running down the street chasing after a place card with my giant camera swinging from my neck, I’m pretty sure I must have looked ridiculous.  By the time I caught it, I looked up to see my neighbor (that would be a neighbor that I don’t really know) standing at the end of her driveway staring at me with a smirk.

Clearly frazzled, I looked up at her, smiled and gave her some lame, rambling explanation about blogging and taking pictures and who knows what else?!

She just nodded.  That’s it.  A nod.  After I exerted so much effort explaining.  Now, I wish I could tell you that all of these ridiculous incidents that I share here are merely an exaggeration of reality, but no such luck, gang.  I literally laugh all the time at these silly scenarios that I seem to constantly find myself in.  How about you?  What was the last laughable situation you found yourself in?  Please do share.  Have a blessed day with much laughter, friends!


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