Place Card of the Week: Butterflies & Tiny Things






Every once in a while, I’m asked to design place cards around a theme that I absolutely fall in love with.  This is one of those projects.

This past week, I designed these place cards for a little girl’s first birthday party, a “tiny” party, that is, with tiny foods and all sorts of tiny cuteness.  The theme of the party is “Tiny food and a ton of fun, for a tiny girl who is turning one.”  I’m not sure if you’ve heard of that theme before (I had not), but it is about as adorable as they come!  The colors for the party are pastel pink and orange with a few other accent colors here and there.  Oh, and there will be hanging butterflies.  I LOVE butterflies.  They’re so dainty and whimsical and the perfect addition to a little one’s party.

I have to admit that the first place cards I designed for this party didn’t look so great (I stared at them for a very long time, trying to decide if I liked them or not. I have a new wrinkle between my eyes from staring so long, as a matter of fact).  So…..I dug a little deeper, started over from scratch, and these little babies are what I came up with.  Now, I’m happy. 

I sketched the banner and made my own stencil awhile back, but I just hadn’t put it to good use yet.  

As for the butterflies, well, I used a pattern I came across in one of my mass piles of paper for the shape and created another couple stencils, and then I put my own personal spin on it with gold ink and my calligraphy pen.  I cut each of those little guys out by hand, which makes me appreciate all the more the modern (and beautiful) invention of dye-cuts.  I used iridescent paper for these cards, so they’re shimmery and all that jazz…if only my camera could capture the shimmer!  They really are more lovely in person.

AND…that’s that.  In other news, for those of you, sweet peas, who asked to see leaf cupcake toppers to match last week’s place cards, they are in the works.  Yahoo!  Although, between cutting out all of those leaves and butterflies, my hand is close to falling off (no exaggeration whatsoever here), but I am plowing ahead and hope to have something to share with you very soon.  Yahoo, wahoo, yahoo!

Stay tuned. 🙂 


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