French Doors…I’ll Take Two Sets, Please!

Wow, where does the time go?! You may have noticed a lack of Place Cards of the Week over the past couple of weeks, and I do sincerely apologize for that. Creating place cards to share with you all here is one of my favorite hobbies, and I promise we will be back in business as soon as I get the big move out of the way. We are currently working towards closing on the new home by the end of this month while also trying to design and prepare for the renovations to the home while also trying to rent out our townhome all while working full-time.  I just broke out into a cold sweat just thinking about it.  Uff!

Anyhooooo, it’s been a little nutso over on my end of the world!  It’s all good stuff – it’s just sapping ALL of my time!  Soooooooo……I will be diving back into interior design again here on my little blog-a-roo.  I absolutely love all things interior design, and I, perhaps, love to decorate even a teensy bit more than I love to craft. Gasp!

Okay then.  So….one of the features in any given home that I find exceptionally lovely is French doors.  I think they add loads of character, a touch of class and yet a natural feeling of coziness.  All of which are excellent reasons for me to rip out two walls in the new house and add a couple sets of white paneled French doors just like the ones you see below from the Nesting Place.  I’m really digging the look of the curtains over the interior doors, too.  I love this entire room, as a matter of fact, and I need to archive it here just so I don’t forget where I saw it!

What are my intentions with said French doors, you ask?  Well, first up, we will be replacing the outdated, glass doors off the dining room that lead into the three-season porch, which currently looks like a fish-gutting ice house – butcher block and all (lucky us).  It’s true.  I’ll explain in pictures another day because my husband kidnapped my camera full of pictures today…that stinker!

Then, we have this massive (seriously) deck that wraps around the back of the house and around the side of the house, so we will be opening up a wall off the master bedroom and adding a set of French doors to the deck overlooking the enormous backyard.  Yay!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out (Lord willing we close by the end of the year!).

And…um…that’s all I have for today.  Actually, I have loads of more ideas, pictures and so on, but I’m trying to contain my excitement so as to not overwhelm you all.  You’ll thank me later, or eventually tune out if these posts get much longer.  So with that, I wish you all a wonderful day, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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