The Nursery

Okay, so this post is loooooong overdue. Let’s be honest, gang, all of my posts are long overdue these days, BUT in the spirit of tackling the procrastination bug that’s been taking over my blog, I thought it might be a step in the right direction to start with the nursery. Plus, my daughter will be 5 months old on Saturday, so it’s about that time.  Yes??

I have to admit that I have always wanted to design a nursery for a little girl.  I am a girly girl to the core, and I love decorating, so this was an easy way for me to get the pink out of my system that is otherwise forbidden from the rest of my house by my hubby.

Needless to say, I had so much fun piecing together my daughter’s nursery. It’s a bit funky and eclectic, but I absolutely love the way the bright colors and patterns came together.

When I was still pregnant with my daughter and the room was all ready to go, I would just sit in the nursery dreaming of my baby girl and taking in this special place that I created for her.

My inspiration for Chloe’s nursery was Alice in Wonderland. Everything from the bright, bold colors to the tea pot and cup to the different flower patterns throughout the room remind me of Alice’s adventures.

It’s everything whimsical and sweet to me.  The little rocking chair in the corner was my rocking chair when I was a little girl, and now I get to pass it on to my little girl. The beautiful, white knit blanket hanging over it was a baby shower gift from my aunt, and I think it adds just the right touch of sweetness to the room.

Can you see my little sweet pea chillin’ out on the floor? She just giggled and cooed the whole time I snapped these pics. Gosh, I love my little bean!

The Charleston non-drop classic crib and changing table are part of the South Shore Savannah Collection. I love the white with the wainscoting. There is also a 4-drawer chest and armoire I would love to own…maybe someday.


I knew that I wanted a chandelier for the nursery, but finding the right one wasn’t easy. The chandeliers I came across were either too gaudy or just right but too expensive. Here is an amazing pink one I almost bought, but it was just out of my budget.In the end, I went with the same chandelier that I had first seen my sister-in-law Jenna use. For only $89, this chandelier from Home Depot was a great deal, and I think it was a perfect fit for the nursery.

The mirror, wooden flower hanging balls,pillows and lamp were all finds from Home Goods.  To embellish the mirror and add more color to the room, I simply added strands of different color ribbon to give the illusion that the mirror is hanging from the bow.  Actually, I got a wee bit ribbon happy and added it to anything and everything where I could make it work.

Chloe’s name banner is made from a fabric-type paper with embroidered-sticker letters.  I created the banner the good, old-fashioned way with scissors and glue and attached the letters to the black ribbon with mini clothes pins.  I was too afraid of hanging anything heavy above the crib, so this was my answer to filling in a big, blank space on the wall.



I really wanted to frame wallpaper from the go and spent quite a bit of time browsing through wallpaper books, but in the end, I found this perfect fabric paper from Joann Fabrics, and purchased some mismatched frames to pull it all together.

Also, I had been looking for the perfect Alice in Wonderland book, and I stumbled across the one you see below at Barnes and Noble.  I looked high and low for the right book, and I still can’t believe how well this one matches the room!

The wall cubicle below was my husband’s contribution.We needed more storage, and this cube has turned out to be super handy.  Way to go, hubby!

 And…finally, here is the little one that has made it all worth it…

Thanks so much for stopping by and touring the nursery.  Have a blessed week, gang!



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