Happy Sunday!

We woke up early this morning, bundled up The Bean and headed out for a walk.  Chloe was still a little groggy…

So I took her pacifier out of her mouth and asked her to smile for me. To which she responded with this…

Good stuff. 🙂

Ron thought it would be a good idea to bring along our dogs or “the shmoops” as I like to call them. I was hesitant about the whole idea. With the stroller and everything, it seemed like an extra hassle, but my husband playfully accused me of not loving my puppies enough.

So, we brought them along.

Turns out, this wasn’t so great of an idea. When we wanted to go one direction, they insisted on going the other…

…which made me laugh.  A lot.

Ron did not laugh.

The shmoops made a solid 500 pit stops along the way, turning our walk into a pattern of stop, sniff, then walk five feet, stop, sniff, then walk five feet, stop, sniff…. You get the picture.

They got into all sorts of mud, and Ron repeatedly threatened them with, “You’re going straight to the tub when we get home!” All they heard was, “Ruh? More mud? Okay!”

Come to think of it, I laughed a lot on this walk.

My defeated husband eventually announced that the schmoops would not be coming along on our next walk.

BUT, eventually, we found our groove.

Harriet the Hippo even made an appearance. Yes, we name all of Chloe’s toys.  She also has one of these security blankets that I named Miss Moo because I thought it was a cow.  Ron insisted that it was a hippo.  Turns out, those confusing pink markings were that of a giraffe.  We Googled it for confirmation.

So…Chloe has a giraffe named Miss Moo, too.  It’s complicated.

Sweet, little bean was working it for the camera…

All in all, it was a beautiful morning with lots of laughter and a perfect way to start the day. I wish you all an equally lovely day.  Happy Sunday, gang!


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