The Best Things In Life

I am convinced that the best things in life are filled with squeals of laughter and these tiny, little people that are undoubtedly hand delivered straight from heaven.

You know, these precious little ones that leave you incoherently exhausted and breathlessly in love.

One of my very dearest friends and oh-so-talented photographer Sarah of Sarah Elizabeth Photography snapped these wonderful pictures last week. If you’re local to the Twin Cities area, do yourself a favor and look her up. You won’t be disappointed!

Oh, yes, this is tops! My sweet Chloe turned 7 months on May 22, 2012.  We just blew right past the 6 month mile marker like it was nobody’s bidness and totally missed a Mother’s Day post, for that matter, so let’s just call this a very, VERY belated first Mother’s Day post, shall we?  I have a little something up my sleeve at a later date for a certain special daddy for Father’s Day, too (wink, wink).

Okay then, where to begin???

For those mothers out there who have gone before me, I’m sure these little milestones are old hat, but for this new mommy, I continue to marvel at each little step and new development that springs up at a moment’s notice.

Sooooo, I pull out my inconspicuous Irish Friend journal (that would be me: the Irish friend) that my friend Heather gave me years ago.  It doesn’t look like a baby journal, and there’s nothing that stands out about it, but it holds my very most precious letters and memories that I’ve written to Chloe.

I started writing to my daughter in this journal the day I found out I was pregnant, and I continue to scribble down the “good stuff” before it’s gone from my ever fleeting new mommy-memory.  I hope someday, it’s a reminder to her of just how much she is with me in thought and in my heart.  Always.

I pray with all my heart that she will be kind and loving, confident and strong, patient and pure, a light in the darkness…that she will ultimately be a blessing to others.  I’ll be honest, I’m terrified about raising a daughter in this world with all of the garbage that is thrown at young women these days, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have to turn my fears and anxieties over to the Lord and trust that he has a beautiful plan for her life.

I pray for God’s very best for her.

And, oh my, the milestones!  Who knew the abilities I take for granted on a daily basis, could be so exciting and wonderful when discovered for the first time through the eyes of a baby.  This is the good stuff.  The really good stuff.

It’s when smiles and squeals turned into giggles and deep belly laughs.   

When looking at mommy and daddy turns into really seeing and truly knowing mommy and daddy.

When those little arms push up to discover, “Hey, I can sit up all on my own!”

When little things like fake coughing followed by giggles gets mommy’s attention every time.

It’s when eating socks is still funny no matter how many pairs of dry socks mommy puts on her before getting out the door.  (Daddy has already learned that the secret is just to let her go bare foot!)

It’s when she masters the art of falling asleep with one eye open just to make sure mommy’s still there.

It’s when that first, big open-mouthed kiss finds mommy’s face.

It’s when her tummy hurts or her gums ache or she’s oh-so-tired and mommy is the only one who can make it better…

It’s all these things and so much more.

What a gift it is to be called a mother.

Thank you, Jesus, for such a high calling.

And…here is my sweet baby girl rockin’ it at 7 months…

Silly, little thing propping her arm up like this! I totally don’t remember her doing this, but I’m glad the camera caught it. 🙂

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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