Vintage Sparkle Cake Topper Bunting & Tutorial

Happy Thursday, gang!

Okay, I realize that cake topper bunting is so-two-years-ago (insert eye roll here), but I have to be honest with you all, I’m still pretty much, full-on digging it.

You may even recall a tutorial I did way back {here} on a mini papel picado cake topper I created for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower a couple years ago.  The tutorial below will be similar with just a couple of tweaks.

AND because I created the cake topper you see here for my daughter’s FIRST birthday (holy moly!) coming up in October, it’s extra special…to me. 🙂

This is a project that is super easy and can really be a lovely addition to any party.

Let’s dive in, shall we?


1. Color or scrapbook paper – I used a mix of glitter paper (I LOVE sparkles) and patterned paper.

2. Paper cutter and/or good scissors – I’ve got some excellent crafting scissors that either make me exceptionally nerdy or BRILLIANT.  Take your pick.

3. 2 wooden skewer sticks

4. Divine Twine – I used the pink and white twine.

6. Needle

7. Hot glue gun

8. Flower Embellishment – I used Jolee’s Cream Burlap Flower Embellishments 

9. Gemstone Embellishments of your choice.

These photos were taken with my iphone and via Instagram because, let’s be honest, everything is prettier in Instagram. 🙂

Do It Yourself

Step 1: Create a pattern.  I simply drew a triangle on hard card stock, cut it out and used it for my flag pattern.

Step 2: Trace the pattern onto designer paper of your choice and cut out.  You may have a favorite dye cut punch you prefer to use in case you don’t feel like cutting each flag out.

Step 3: Line up the flags until you’ve found an order of design/color that you like best.

Step 4: With a needle and the Divine Twine, thread each of the mini flags.

Step 5: Tie each end of the twine around a skewer stick.

Step 6: Hot glue a flower embellishment to each skewer stick on top of where you tied the twine.

Step 7: Last but not least add the embellishment gems of your choice to the stick.

The options are endless here.  You could add all sorts of ribbons hanging off the sticks, or you could add big, statement-making embellishments all the way down the skewers.  Just have fun with it.

Pretty, pretty.

Happy crafting, friends. 🙂


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