Thanksgiving Recap & A Lovely Award

Happy Wednesday, gang! Whew, it’s been a busy week. Thank the good Lord for caffeine. ūüôā

Thanksgiving was, well, it was pretty darn close to perfect. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t feeling well at the time, so our Thanksgiving celebration was moved from my parents’ home to my home at the last minute, but the good news is that everything turned out great!

And…once again, I’m reminded that even with the ups and downs of life, God is faithful, and this past year has been hands-down the BEST year of my life.¬† Even with the too-many-to-count sleepless nights of new parenthood, I look back on the past year with a full heart of thanks. I could fill pages upon pages with the many blessings I continue be humbled by and intensely grateful for.

The free Thanksgiving printables you see in the photos are from Pizzazzerie,

¬†and I was so happy that I stumbled upon them.¬† They’re lovely, wouldn’t you agree?

My mom and her mad cooking skills still pulled off some amazing food. She’s such a busy body that I couldn’t make her sit still and rest no matter how hard I tried. The food was insanely good, and, in hindsight, I’m bummed that I didn’t snap a picture of the whole spread.

If I may just take a quick side-track here, I also wanted to share a lovely Best Decorations award I received from Jenny at Party Pail for my daughter Chloe’s 1st birthday party.¬† Thank you, Party Pail crew, for taking notice and honoring my little slice of world!

 Without further ado, here is a little look at my Thanksgiving decor in Instagram.

But first, I feel compelled to note that my hubby hates Instagram.¬† He doesn’t like that all of our pictures now look like we’re living in the 70’s, but my DSLR camera is all messed up, so I have NO choice but to play around with filters in Instagram.¬† I repeat, no choice whatsoever.

I digress.

Sooooo, there’s no shame in using paper plates on a major holiday, friends, especially when hosting a large group.¬† Oh-oh, do you see that shiny “silver” silverware in the pictures below?¬† It’s actually plastic, but it looks real.¬† Well, from a safe distance anyway.¬† I bought those babies from the Dollar Tree because I didn’t have enough “real” silverware for my guests.¬† What’s that you say?¬† Savvy? Why, yes, YES, it is.¬†

Note: Last year, I went from store to store on Black Friday looking for a huge set of fancy “for real” REAL silverware for hosting dinner parties – you know, the ones you see in all the ads.¬† Never one to partipate in Black Friday camp-outs, I strolled in around noon only to find *gasp* nothing.¬† Nothing at all.¬† Shockingly, they were all sold out.¬† Defeated but never quitting, my quest continues.¬†¬†

In the meantime, there’s always plastic silverware from the Dollar Tree...

The cornucopia centerpiece was fairly large and contained real flowers.¬† It was a timely gift I received at work for a major closing that we just wrapped up.¬† It really was a beautiful arrangement.¬† Here’s a closer look…

 More free printables from Pizzazzerie


Daddy and the Bean sitting on the kitchen floor eating ice cream.

My mom’s uh-mazing apple pies. Yes, they really are THAT good…

A little pre-Thanksgiving shopping.  Sparkly shoes required.

Bean was pretty stoked about her Thanksgiving card from Grandpa and Grandma.  It was sparkly, too.  Have I mentioned that we LOVE sparkles in our household?

And a little extra fun from this morning…

Have a wonderful day, gang!


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