“A Stroll Through the Park” Baby Shower

Hi, gang! Man-oh-man, the time just keeps breezing by. Literally, I think I got 2 (count them), TWO (maybe four??) new wrinkles since my last blog post.

Now, I realize that this post is long over due, and I could blame it on my fleeting memory, or I could blame it on busy-ness, or I could just come right out and admit that I’ve been a total blogging slacker, but those little details are SO not important, right? Am I right??

Ok, then. I hope you’ll forgive the delay, friends, and allow me to share a fun baby shower that I co-hosted back in December.

This baby shower was for my sister-in-law Tess and my brother Casey as they were waiting the arrival of their daughter Paige. Since then, my beautiful niece Paige Emery has made her debut, and she is absolutely precious and just so loved! Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!

When it came time to plan this shower, I was picking my brothers brain for things that his wife Tess liked. When he told me her favorite color was purple, I took that little nugget of info and ran with it.

In all honesty, I’ve never planned a party or decorated, for that matter, with the color purple. I love all things pink, pink, pink, and when it comes to decorating my home a nice shade of turquoise or green is tops. However, after this baby shower, I have a whole new appreciation for the color purple! I hope you’ll agree…

Starting out, I had this idea in my head to design a cutesy stroller with a stroll through the park theme. As is the case with all of my projects, I grabbed my note pad and just started sketching simple, old-fashioned strollers, and what you see here is the finished result of those sketches.

As you can tell from the imperfections, I cut everything out by hand.  It’s a strangely therapeutic process for me and my preferred method to crafting.  For the stroller handle and flag pole, I simply used picture hanging wire, bent it in half and twisted it for effect.


As far as the invitations go, Photoshop is my preferred method of whipping out these babies.  It’s fast and simple and, more importantly, CHEAP.  I also had some shimmery silver paper on hand from another project, so I put it to good use here.  Then, I just glued on my handmade mini-strollers.

You see these “trees” here?  Well, I also had a little crafting party with a few ladies in my family, and they were so wonderful to glue together flowers, go traipsing through the trees around our house late at night in freezing weather, no less, gathering branches, as well as helping me wrap empty soup cans with pretty paper.  You ladies were awesome!

I also made some larger table cards.  They were two-sided: one side with the baby stroller and the other with one of my favorite verses about what a gift from the Lord these little ones are. There’s more to the story than that, of course, but I think that’s a good summary of it. 🙂

I decided late in the game to create a large tree-like, whimsical centerpiece flowing with pretty ribbons in different shades of purple.  This centerpiece is one of my favorites.  I was just really happy with how it turned out for just throwing it together at the last minute.


Sparkly embellishments a MUST…


Lastly, what would a party be without some fun place cards?


Have a blessed week, gang!


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