Modern “Dots” Cupcake Toppers & Sign

Well, this is embarrassing.

Whilst (what a far under utilized word, btw), cleaning up photos on my camera, I came across a little project I did back in 2011.


That’s like TWO years ago for the folks who haven’t had their coffee yet this morning.

Anyhoo, despite the fact that it’s been two years ago now, it was a fun project, and I hope you all won’t mind me sharing it with you today.  Better late than never!

Here I designed some fun and modern cupcake toppers as well as a candy bar sign for an Oh Boy! themed baby shower hosted by my friend Jennie of Sewell Photography.  When I saw pictures of the baby shower, I was blown away!  She did a fabulous job with the overall design of this sweet occasion.  You can see all sorts of great photos of it on her blog right over {here}.

And here’s my little contribution…

The following two photos are courtesy of Sewell Photography.



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