Sleepy Days

I’ve had four cups of coffee today…

so that I could bring you this post.

Actually, it was for the intention of working out, but my procrastination in that realm is worthy of another blog entirely, so let’s just pretend for the time being that that’s not the case (wink, wink).

Do you see this adorably charming little lady here?  The one whose cute, itty-bitty nose battled a wicked hangnail at naptime and lost said battle?

Yes, this little one.

She’s rapidly approaching 16 months, and she’s currently working on cutting a couple new teeth, and I’m fairly certain she grew an inch over the weekend.

It’s a lot for a little peanut, and all of those big girl milestones come at the dear cost of SLEEP for sweet little bean and one painfully tired mommy.

BUT, and there’s a big, bright and beautiful BUT, as one of my favorite Bible verses promises…

“Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

It’s true, too…

…because at the dawn of each new day, the nighttime growing pains are long gone, and joy really does come in the morning. 🙂

I met a dear friend for lunch today, and she asked me if Chloe is really this happy or if I just take pictures when she’s happy. The answer is that it’s a little bit of both.

She really is a bright, happy little girl.  She’s spunky and, dare I say, sassy on occasion, but moreover she is a sweetheart.  She lights up my day.  She really does.

Of course, like all little ones, she has her trying moments.

For example, she hates her changing table and has for months, so I’ve reverted to distracting her while I’m changing her by handing her my iphone and playing nursery rhymes on youtube to keep her distracted.  What can I say? It works.

She also wants mommy’s full, undivided attention.  Period.  Apparently this is the norm for toddlers, so I just roll with it.

But like I said, Chloe is more happy than she is not, and her daddy always says to her, “I hope you’re always this happy, little bean.”

Me, too. 🙂

She was very cautious and clung tight to mommy and daddy for that first year.  However, as the months pass, it’s as if she’s shouting to the world, “I’m here!  The party can now start!”

She giggles and jabbers and LOVES to show off her new teeth.  Just ask her, and she’ll show you.

She can roar like a lion, to which I heard amplified for a good 15 minutes through the monitor at bedtime last night.

I just smiled and listened along.

These days, when I’m getting ready to put her to bed, she lays her head on my shoulder, and I just walk and sway with her, and she wraps her tiny little hands around the back of my neck and pulls on the few stray strands of hair that have fallen out of my pony tail until she’s nice and sleepy. She’s been doing that for months now, and it makes my heart swell with love for her.

I know I’ve said it before, but when she was born, she really did look like her daddy, but somewhere along the way, her looks started to change.

I remember the moment, too.  She was around two months old, curled up in my arms looking up at me, and for the first time I saw what so many people now see when they look at her.  I saw a mini-me staring back at me.  I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, she looks like me.”  Whoa.


Of course, I see her daddy in her, too. In her expressions and in some of her features, and I continue to be amazed by the way God has taken small pieces of each of us and woven her together into her own little person.

She is, indeed, the Creator’s handiwork.

I recently read an article that said that social media can be a good thing, but it can also be not so good in that we have the potential to become braggers and/or make our lives look better than they are.

I thought about that idea a lot, and while I always strive to be as transparent as possible here, I want to confess a couple things…

First, the pictures are pretty and fun, and my heart is so full and blessed to have been given my daughter.  I thank God each and every day for her, and I never want to take this special gift for granted, so I like to share the moments that make me smile in hopes that they make you smile, too.  I certainly know that I genuinely share in the joys of other parents’ children.

BUT, let it be known, that being a parent is hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I firmly believe that the reward far outweighs the day-to-day rat race of trying to be supermom, the sleepless nights, the tears and the moments where you just can’t figure out how on earth to make your little one feel better.

And when you take it out on your poor, unsuspecting spouse because you’ve reserved all of your patience for the little sweet pea keeping you up all hours of the night.

It happens to the best of us.


I promise you this, though…

If you continue to extend grace and forgiveness for the tough times, those happy, blissful moments really will far outweigh the challenges, and you will soon discover just how wonderful parenthood and marriage can really be.

Bean says so, too.

Have a blessed week, gang.


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